21 October, 2009


"The water is warm, but it's sending me shivers. A baby is born; crying out for attention. Memories fade like looking through a fogged mirror. Decisions are made, [and not fought] but I thought... This wouldn't hurt a lot: I guess not. Control yourself. Take only what you need from it. A family of trees wanting to be haunted." -MGMT

15 October, 2009

The Marsh Family

"Blood red lips like soft intentions... Kiss my eyes, they're black and blue. Even if I shouldn't be here, I cannot help myself with you. There's something I should have told you [we won't get a second chance]: Just one night is all we'll spend together, and it's killing me... Rescue me." -Snow Patrol

Kaylee invited me to photograph her beautiful family in Otter Rock, Oregon.

14 October, 2009

Angela Graves

"Lie awake in bed at night, and think about your life; do you want to be different? Try to let go of the truth, the battles of your youth [this is just a game]. It's a beautiful lie, it's a perfect denial [such a beautiful lie to believe in]. It's time to forget about the past; to was away what happened last. Hide behind an empty face [don't ask too much]." -30 Seconds to Mars

Model Mayhem [#748887]

This is the second time I have been offered the great privilege, of working with Angela; she is one of my favorite models.

13 October, 2009

The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth

"I can't grant your every wish [I'm not your knight in shining armor] so I'll just leave you with this kiss. Kill the lights; these children learn from cigarette burns, fast cars, fast women and cheap drinks. It feels right... All these asphyxiated, self-medicated; take the white pill [you'll feel alright]." -3OH!3

Mandalay Bay ~ Las Vegas, 2009

The Artists
Jacob Doney and Lary Cozzolino

Hori Toshi

Peter Sulu Ape

Nikko Hurtado
Mario Barth

The People
Painting by Custom Cozz

[damn pretty girls with dreads]


Custom Cozz [http://www.myspace.com/customcozz]
Lary and his crew painted me up for the Starlight Tattoo VIP party at [club] Jet, in The Mirage Hotel/Casino. *Photos by Miki Carter
Hanging with Mario Barth himself... and the random chick who decided to jump into the frame.
... not impressed with Mr. "I'm going to kiss you as the picture is taken." I think it is hilarious, that even through all of the paint... My distaste is apparent.

Coming Home

08 October, 2009

The Girl Behind the Lens

"It rains a lot this time of year: We both go together, if one falls down... I talk out loud, like you're still around. I miss you; I'm going back home to the West Coast. I wish you, would put yourself in my suitcase. I love you, standing all alone in a black coat... Come on everybody." -Jason Schwartzman

Like Whoa: Photos by Miki Carter
It is funny to see yourself, through someone else's eyes. Michelle and I took a road trip to Las Vegas, for Mario Barth's Tattoo Convention. Once I sort through all of my photos, I will [of course] post a blog... However, Miki already sent me some of the random candid shots she took; they are very... "me."

I dance on the side of major highways...
... and can't help but "strike a pose."

Once my dancing and posing nonsense was done, I took this:
[sandi.b photo]

In my mind, I was trying to gain "height" on this dude. Now I recognize that really, I just looked ridiculous.

... but I still enjoy the end result.
[sandi.b photo]

Even as a painted model, I can't put the camera down.
[sandi.b photo]

Lazy, slouching Sandi [during photo review] with my fancy/new matching Bestie ring on!

Milk loves Tricky, like Tricky loves Milk.