23 November, 2009

A cemetery of trees; the death of a city.

"I would be you, you would be me, we would be one; we would be just fine. The ice caps wouldn't be melting and neither would I. I would just drive my big old car, and everything would be alright. Energy would just fall down right from the sky. Words would fly right out from my mind... Out of my mind, into your heart and into your life: Everything would sound just right, and no one would stop me from drinking my wine. That's my dreamworld [it's more than a dream] and I want to live in my dream. The real world just doesn't feel right... I wouldn't spend my days searching for lost time. I wouldn't be so damn sensitive; I'd let things go by. No matter what the weather, I'd learn to change... I'd change with the time." -Robin Thicke

Detroit Lake

22 November, 2009

Senior Portraits: Brook

"We get on like a house on fire. You're feeding the flames, I can't complain. Choose your life; [it's an innocent lie] against the grain, it's all the same. I spend my time wasting yours. To give away, you've got it all. Spend your time wasting mine. Time's a wasting, celebrating. What do you know? Learn to say no. I can't resist, I'm an optimist. -Arkarna


18 November, 2009

Peachy Keene

"I'm out of my head and it's not the way that I want to feel. This loneliness and dread gets your attention; makes us real. I'm going nowhere and it's slowly sinking in. I don't stand a chance until you get me out of here. I just don't have the will to pretend [I'm running out the door] can you get me out of here? I really don't need anymore friends. Well, turning it on; it's getting harder and harder to do. Well don't get me wrong, that's dedication [good for you]. It's just your atmosphere, that brings me to my knees." -Collective Soul

Peachy Keene

Lucky Cupcake Hairclips

15 November, 2009

Ryan and Pearl

"I miss the way we sleep like there's no sunrise. Like the taste of your smile, I miss the way we breathe... But I never told you, what I should have said. No, I never told you; I just held it in. Now, I miss everything about you [can't believe I still want you] and after all the things we've been through, I miss everything about you [without you]." -Colbie Caillat


14 November, 2009

C Bar of 'dem Apples

"I am heaven sent; don't you dare forget. I am all you've ever wanted [what all the other boys all promised]. Sorry I told... I just needed you to know. I think in decimals and dollars. I am the cause to all your problems, shelter from cold -we are never alone. Coordinate brain and mouth, then ask me what it's like to have myself so figured out... I wish I knew. I hope this song starts a craze; the kind of song that ignites the airwaves. The kind of song that makes people glad to be where they are, with whoever they're there with. This is war. Every line is about, who I don't want to write about anymore. I hope you come down with something they can't diagnose, don't have a cure for. [holding onto your grudge] It's so hard to have someone to love, and keeping quiet is hard cause you can't keep a secret if it never was a secret to start... At least pretend you didn't want to get caught. We're concentrating on falling apart. We were contenders, we're throwing the fight: But I just want to believe, I just want to believe in us." -Brand New

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The Band
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13 November, 2009

BK of 'dem Apples

"Say whatever you have to say, I'll stand by you. Do whatever you have to do, to get it out and not become a reaction memory; to hurt the ones you love [you know you never meant to] but you do. Oh yeah, you do. Be whoever you have to be, I won't judge you. Sing whatever you have to sing, to get it out and not become a recluse about how to come out... I know you never meant to, but you do. Still, I need your sway [because you always pay for it] and I need your soul, because your always soulful; and I need your heart, because you're always in the right places." -The Kooks

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12 November, 2009

Drew of 'dem Apples

"I'm talking to myself at night, because I can't forget. Back-and-forth through my mind behind a cigarette; the message coming from my eye, says leave it alone. Don't want to hear about it [everyone's got a story to tell]. Everyone knows about it, from the Queen of England to the hounds of Hell. If I catch you coming back my way, I'm going to sell it to you. That isn't what you want to hear [but that's what I'll do.]" -The White Stripes

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