31 January, 2010

Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack.

"If you know someone who tries to drown their sorrows, you might tell them sorrows know how to swim." -P.s I Love You

Shot with BW 35mm Film.


Behind the Scenes

30 January, 2010

2009 : Autumn

"don't ask yourself

what the world needs.

ask yourself what makes

you come alive,

and go do that,

because what the world needs

is people who have come alive"

Autumn was the eternal corrective. Ripeness, color, and a time of maturity -but also breadth, depth and distance.

No More Loss: Only Love
"... has decided that "fabulous," is not an adequate adjective to describe today. "Epic" and "Defining" however, are much more suited."

"... has made peace with her past, is happy in her current reality, and will be looking toward the future with hope and excitement."

"... is SO glad she taught Jaiden the following catch phrase... Me: " Jaiden, please sit down for dinner." Jaiden: "Peace out, Momma."

"... is headed to Jefferson to shoot 'dem Apples! Much love to Casey and his boys for all their musical talent!"

"... just did a happy dance on the CA border... and then was stopped by the produce border patrol. Random. Dude could tell she was lying initially. She decided to risk her grapes for the sake of truth. He didn't take them."

"... hung out with Mario Barth, met Slash [briefly] and once again saw the sun rise. Now she is using rubbing alcohol to get the make-up off... and needs to be reunited with 1. Miki 2. Phone 3. Car 4... Real Life?

"... needs to stop running into beautiful girls with dreads. Sigh."

"... was thrilled to have a coffee/tea date with Lynne Titus!"

"... was questioned about her lip ring [until she took it out]; was told she was beautiful; was called "Teacher," "Mommy," [by a child other than her own] and Mrs. Barstad... Oh and "Cadence's Mom." She was also in charge of all children with medical problems, "just in case." Though it was fun, she could NOT handle interacting with that many children each day."

"... is a junkie of sorts; you are her fix in the worst way."

"... is now the proud owner of a snowman, in her front yard [love]."

"... thinks her "ugly" kitten/snowman sweater is fabulous: looking forward to tonight!"

"... wants to reconcile the violence in her heart."

"... needs a greyhound [in her head] to send her thoughts to far off destinations; so they may have a chance, of finding a place where they're far more suited than here."

"... is ready for the OTT madness to begin!"

"... just realized that she lost her car keys "somewhere" in Minto Brown Park. Awesome. This is SO her life."

"... is apparently a "trixie." Haha..."

"... will right it down [scratch the nice] because she just can't "keep coming back."

"... needs your sway."

"... is doin' it right thurr with Blake James a.k.a. B$Money, on our way to WA. Holla!"

"... would like you to be her breath [there's nothing she wouldn't give]."

"... cannot handle the silence."

"... smells like salt water, ocean air and seaweed... She loves the coast."

"... needs your heart [because you're always in the right places]."

"... watched the fire burn the beauty in her eyes."

"... woke up to the single most random text she has ever received: "You know something sexy about you? It's when you're working and you know everyone is looking at you; but you try to make it seem like you don't know. Most people wouldn't notice because they don't know you... and when you smile in a pic, it looks like you want to 'eff whoever is on the other side of that lens. It's sexy. I wish I could do that as well."

"... wishes her knuckle rockers were real... Hahaha... "someday."

"... is apparently, "still the most beautiful girl he's ever met." Awesome [read: sarcasm]"

The complete October/November/December Project 365:

24 January, 2010

2009 : Summer

"as hard as I try, to fight and not cry,

the years have taught me

that truth is a lie.

i don't want love to pass me by;

but how can i survive,

when trust is suicide"

Summer was chaos. Summer was painful. If it weren't for Project 365, I would have little to no immediate recollection of those four months. However, memories were made... and I met my E.Bebe.

Love and Loss
"... wonders... If she could fall asleep forever, would you still be in her dreams?"

"... is awake, and trying not to let her mind wander back into the thoughts of, "at this time... 4 years ago..."

"... is going home to bathe her new [still nameless] dog, and take his picture."

"... might still be sleeping on the floor, surrounded by boxes... But at least she has her babies and her Brando."

"... will live for the moment, now."

"... showed up, and she was there; tried her best to grin and bear [took the stairs, but didn't stop at the street]."

"... loves it when you drag a needle across her flesh; the more needles, the greater the love."

"... had such an epic night... Now back to reality."

"Sandi is riding the General Lee... Haha wait, that didn't come out right."

"... is getting ready for Jaiden's 2nd birthday/party!"

"... hates Dodge, Farmers Insurance, and Wells Fargo: All the guilty parties involved in her car-fire nightmare."

"... had a crazy snatch threaten to stab her, for "wanting something with her baby daddy." OMG really?? Love for Portland."

"... can't believe she just dropped Cades off at her first day of kindergarden! So proud!"

"... looks and feels, like a train wreak. Viva Las Vegas."

Friends and Family
"... was rescued from walking home, by E in her white knight!"

"... is at the park with the girls and Gpa; then onto Cades' back-to-school night."

"... is headed to the outlet mall in Woodburn."

"... is chillin' at the coast; going to her sister's graduation. Crazy."

"... had such a long day already; onto working with the derby girls!"

"... had fun playing model coach this evening with the derby girls!"

"... should not look for, that which she does not wish to see."

"... is a Blake James model. Period."

"... is shooting for OTT tonight [time to get wet]."

"... is going to shoot The Kid ESPI's c.d release party at Black Cherry Tattoo!"

"... is SO happy she got to hang with Phade [she saved the day]."

"... will breathe in for luck [breathe in so deep] this air is blessed, these hearts they race; her hopes are so high, that your kiss might kill her."

"... loves Michelle for many reasons, her quotes being one of them: "... and I knew he was into you the minute you fell out the doorway of the bar."

"... is so done. Over it. Peace out."

"... is so broke, so complacent, so worn out... So full of doubt, so full of restraint, so full of that self-control [or the lack thereof] that she thought was soul."
"... is trying to keep the sky from falling."

"... is rockin' the glasses today: She has enough haters already... Who cares if she adds a few more?"

"... loves the 100 degree weather; reminds her of living in CA."

The complete June/July/August/September Project 365: