23 February, 2010

Senior Portraits: Chandra

"Crawling through the dense green carpeting untamed and seventeen; couldn't pry their way through that [they cannot unravel]. Relapse, fall backwards and slide... Are you suggesting that I repress and disguise? Surge of static electricity, brought on by fear and being seen; creeping up in silence on the battle scene [slow and slithering]." -The Honorary Title


22 February, 2010

Alvin Klausen for Mayor

"I wish I could say this was unforeseen. Well, their planting the seeds on destruction's eve: Then take away your rights to keep you free [on your knees, still the vengeance of the world]. Our flesh turned to asj will scatter in the wind." -Anti Flag


19 February, 2010

Still Dead

"I am wandering around, confused: Wondering why I try? The more that you deny my pain, the more it intensifies... I pray for someone to ache for me, the way I ache for you. If you ignore that I'm alive, I have nothing left to cling to. I don't know if I'm real without you." -Stabbing Westward

Still Dead

Crowd Control

17 February, 2010

Sophie's Super Sweet 16

"I see your dirty face [hide behind your collar] what is done in vain; truth is hard to swallow. So you pray to God, to justify the way you live a lie. You take your time and do your crime... Well, you made your bed: I'm in mine. Because when I arrive, I'll bring the fire; make you come alive [I can take you higher]..." -Kevin Rudolf

So High School

Dance the night away...

15 February, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

"It might take your life, but you'll love me with time. Take from my wrists; your debt erased. Sleep with my curse, and feel no shame. Is it dark yet, outside? I'm through hiding tonight." -Jimmy Eat World


Shot with Fuji 35mm Color Slide Film

10 February, 2010

Costick Angel Clothing

"So cold, [but you have my body] one kiss and this is going to haunt me... My God, you look so lovely girl. Heart's gone; tonight is your chance, to trade love for a little romance. Too late: This will be the last dance, girl. Where's my angel?" -Metro Station


Behind the Scenes

01 February, 2010

Double the trouble: Double the fun.

"I believe in nothing: Not the end and not the start. I believe in nothing: Not the Earth and not the stars. I believe in nothing, but the beating of our hearts. I believe in nothing: One hundred suns until we part. I believe in nothing: Not in Satan, not in God. I believe in nothing: Not in peace, not in war. I believe in nothing... But the truth of who we are." -30 Seconds to Mars

Lynne and Alicia
Shot with Fuji 35mm Color Slide Film.