26 April, 2010

Day Three: The Road to Seeley Lake

"Walked into our world and made horrible sounds [I can still hear them today] strangely they seem, beautiful now... Though they will outlast my love. Still- Each time I meant, every word, every one... I returned to you, but found my empty home. The radio told me to stay [as it burned down] I sang alone: You will outlast my love." -AFI

The Field of Trees

Lincoln Logs

The Death of an Industry

Bonner: A Town Lost

24 April, 2010

Day Two: Helena

"Bounce, come on bounce: I slam the door when I come into the bedroom [cause I'm the king of the castle]. Turn me on, turn me loose. Try to hit it; it's a hassle... Come on and get some of this [don't forget innuendo] play me like Nintendo: Never let go." -K7

The Drive

The Staggering Ox

The Lake

The Continental Divide

23 April, 2010

Day One: The Drive

"Some flip they trucks over center meridians; some do they drugs to float above the stress, and some overdose so they can finally rest. He walk around like they blind to the mishap; talk show gospel smell the tic tacs and similac, six pack to make the good and bad balance... Walking tall is a gift, and steady breathing is a challenge." -Atmosphere

I 84

Coeur d'Alene

"So I lie in the field bathed in the light that loves me, with nothing left to lose."

Wind Turbines