26 June, 2010

TWLOHA and The World Beat Festival

"I need more friends with wings; all the angels I know, put concrete in my veins. I'd always walk home alone: I became lifeless [just like my telephone]. There's nothing to lose, when no one knows your name. There's nothing to gain; but the days don't seem to change." -Billy Talent

To Write Love on Her Arms
Miki Carter: The LOVE Revolution [and my best friend].

Saturday in Salem

22 June, 2010

[the girl that once was]

I waited at the counter, reciting my standard order: 16 oz. Chunky Strawberry with no peanut butter. The girl looks back at me with pity in her eyes; oblivious to the job she is being paid to do. She interrupts to ask if I "had a good day." I pause, caught off guard. I meet her gaze for a brief moment; lying is futile, and so instead I just simply shrug. She recognizes the weight trapped in our silence, and quietly completes my order. I retreat to the washroom for solace. My hands don't needs cleansing anymore than my stomach requires a $5 smoothie. However, it gives me an easy escape from the awkward moment that is my life. Under the harsh florescent lighting I am faced with reality. My hair is untamed; curls left to frizz and fester after a day spent in bed. Dark circles rim my eyes, swollen and bloodshot after endless nights of sleep induced nightmares. Blotchy streaks tear down my cheeks; the minimal make-up I had attempted ruined, after the requisite tears had fallen, once again. Poorly fitted clothing hangs from my emaciated body, a byproduct of recent weight loss. There I stood, tan and tattooed; a hollow shell of a girl that once was.

20 June, 2010

Alaskan Airlines

"Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now."

The Aerospace Museum
[little known fact: I'm a sucker for airplanes]

Kiai O Ka Lewa
[guardians of the upper realm]

16 June, 2010


"The world was on fire: No one could save me but you... Strange, what desire will make foolish people do. I never dreamed that I would meet somebody like you [I never dreamed that I would lose somebody like you]. I don't want to fall in love; this love is only going to break your heart." -Chris Isaak


06 June, 2010

First Friday in Anchorage

"Words are like a long, winding road; they all look the same in the dark. Listening for the sounds to run away [but you can keep this up all night]. There is more here, than what you have to say... Truth alone won't set you free. Forget love. Forget words: All is said for the greater good, but good doesn't last now, like it should. Do you know a thing about my life? You've been in it, but you told me to be silent. Stop your tongue, and turn this ship around; for only this can be your loudest sound. Is this too hard? Am I asking too much? Is this impossible for you, love? Love has been lost [and I've lost too much]." -Anchor and Braille

I like to watch people.