07 July, 2010

[5 Years]

"The air had a rare quality to it.
A crisp summer day, impregnated with memory...
The wind races, whispering through the trees;
Hushed secrets fall onto deaf ears: Screaming in hopes of a better pastime.
(What has become)
Some say, it is "the moment you feel alive."
Instead, maybe you recognize your demise?
Each breath renders you helpless;
Dying is inevitable.
The wind bears the weight of the world; it has settled upon your shoulders.
The scent of fear minces frazzled nerves, as you witness the gray effect...
(An unwelcome blanket, woven to smother)
Caught within its clutches: There is nowhere to run...
... Even your thoughts are no longer safe.
The black crow sits softly, silently waiting; watching.
Your eyes meet, as you absorb the requisite knowledge:
Another dosing of the medicine you adamantly refuse to swallow.
Your stomach lurches as you continually choke on the atmosphere.
(Blackened souls never bear sunlight)
Indeed, a testament to the month in which we live."

Seven Red, One White

[5 Years]

06 July, 2010

She does not sleep; she writes.

White, written on yellow paper; feminine handwriting, sealed with a kiss.
The innocence of sleep is lost, trapped within memories
.not my own.
The screams from the bedside table, fill my head.

03 July, 2010

Independence Day, 2010

"From this time, unchained, we're all looking at a different picture. Through this frame of mind, a thousand flowers could bloom; move over [give us some room]. Give me a reason to love you. Give me a reason to be a woman... For this is the beginning, of forever and ever." -Portishead

4th of July [2010]

02 July, 2010

Kamren and Josh

"...and if you stayed over, [you know we would] if we could put it back together .make.it.good. Breathe in the future, breathe out the past; savour this moment as long as it lasts. Let me tell you... Put it back, piece by piece [I'd make it so sweet].

Kamren and Josh