31 December, 2011

| two-thousand & eleven |

In this year, I turned twenty-six.

Florida | First Visit 
Love: Merritt Island, the Cocoa Beach area and wandering around/exploring Key West with MKL.
Hello! pseudo honeymoon 
We purchased a beautiful piece of art. 

May the Eighth 
Mother's Day
 Dr. Frank induced delivery of Miss Tyla Paikea Lovegrove
8 pounds 2 ounces, 20 inches long. 
No epidural.

Cadence [7] Jaiden [3] & Tyla [2 months] 
Road Trip | Salem, Oregon -to- San Diego, California.
Some of the best days | memories | moments of the entire .year.

I [re]gained a [my] brother, Nathan. 

I quit my Medical Assisting job, to pursue photography full time.

| photography |
  eight weddings | countless portrait sessions | incredible events | new & returning clients 
Print Published: Line Zero Literary Magazine
Web Published: Tinsel Tokyo Magazine, We Out Here Magazine
A new brand: A solid outlook for 2012

Year .one. of wedded bliss
... into October 
O'ahu | Hawai'i
Love: The quaint town of Hale'iwa, Cholo's Mexican food, REAL Hawaiian [strawberry] shaved ice, a new *kindred* [Anna] 
relaxation | rejuvenation | intimate bonding | incredibly honest images captured: inspiration for my soul
Year .two. of being a couple 

| unspeakable loss and sorrow |
Rest in Peace, Diana Baldwin
California. Again. -never enough-
      Coronado | West Hollywood | Venice Beach | Disneyland | Palm Desert 

  What will two-thousand & twelve bring??

01 December, 2011

| four: my inner age |

|today's selected image|

I am an old soul.
I have experienced too much, in too little time.
I have spent my entire life, waiting to die.
Living is exhausting: I am tired.
I am

I prefer to live simply.
A small space that I can call my own.
Surrounded by photographs and nick-knacks;
memories from a different lifetime.
Telling the same stories, to anyone who will listen.
.content in my loneliness.
Cats and houseplants, to keep me company.
I am