18 August, 2012


photo by. jaiden
30 | 30
create & tend my own garden

I'm not entirely sure, as to why I chose that as a 30 | 30 goal. I don't even particularly like gardening...
Maybe it is because our yard needed / needs it?

I do not have a 'before' picture
this is because I do not care to compare | contrast
Matt put it best when he said, "It looks like no one has lived here, for about 6 months."
yes. it was that bad

I also cannot take full credit for the process.
it was a solid 2-3 days of weeding +
the stone divider was my idea, and I even laid about half of it on my own.
Rhona (mother in law) is to thank for nearly all of the new flowers and grass(es)
four weeks later, (which have included some pretty warm days) and the garden lives on!*
*though there have been some plant casualties due to hungry deer and an over zealous puppy

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