29 August, 2012

| the memory |

Slowly I shifted into awareness; that precipice between slumber and wakefulness.
Surroundings unfamiliar, I was content to simply .be.
The morning light gently cascaded into the room, bathing every object in its ethereal glow.
With a rare moment of peace, my mind was blissfully still.
That is when it happened.
The moment. The memory.

This wasn't a tranquil, lucid dip into the past either...
Oh no.
This memory was stealth - A moment in time, eight years ago (almost to the day)
A morning, much like the present. A morning, that I had not given thought to in nearly eight years.
Like a predator hunting its prey, this memory has patiently bided its time
lurking the alleyways of the wrong reality  
quietly pacing the neuro-pathways of my subconscious

I do not know why it chose this morning to strike: All I know, is that I was caught unaware.
Blindsided, my mind was ambushed
The Memory.
Frozen by this snapshot in time; an image so real that I could recount even the smallest detail...
...like the how the avocado was perfectly ripe, that morning.

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