27 January, 2012

| life between lives |

Yesterday, I underwent hypnosis.

It was an emotional, thought-provoking experience; a journey into my subconscious, a review of past lives, and a glimpse into the world of my true 'self.'
Being the realist (read: cynical and jaded) that I am, hypnosis is not something I .ever. would have imagined myself doing. It is really quite curious actually, how it all came about. Regardless, the thought was weighing on my heart... I couldn't shake the feeling that this was something I had to do.
This is the first item to be 'checked-off' of my 30 | 30 list.
 The intimate details are mine, and mine alone.
Interestingly enough however, three people that are currently in my life manifested their energy to me, while under hypnosis. (as did two others, that are no longer of this life)

There were new revelations.
There was familiarity.
There was love, light, and grace.

There was knowledge: There was no judgement.
There was a greater sense of awareness; an aura of truth.

I was provided comfort, and opportunities for healing.
Tears were shed... I fear there are still more to come.

There was a shift, a 'coming to terms' with my .life.
I have purpose. I have felt that change was imminent for awhile: Now I have action.

I will begin regular meditation: I need the solace in my heart, and the silence to calm my mind.
I will sever any unnecessary attachments: People, places, objects and other materialistic possessions.
I will focus my energy .only. on those that warrant it. (and whom deserve it)

I chose this life. It is time that I live it.

02 January, 2012

30 | 30

I am twenty-six years old.
This is a collection of various things, I intend to accomplish prior to the date:
6, March 2015