31 March, 2012

| friends are fancy |

19 : 3-24
Jenn & I, on our way to see WICKED*
*This is the first iPhone shot I have used, as the daily image.

20 : 3-25
Miss E reading to her sweet sweet babies.

21: 3-26
Mr. Tobin was loving on Bebe Whale... Or maybe it was the other way around?


27 March, 2012

| spring snow |

12 : 3-17
I could photograph fun couples like this, all day long.

13 : 3-18
Outtake from our {freezing} 'Items by Tina Marie' editorial shoot.

14: 3-19
Miss C, rockin' her new .handmade. night mask.

15 : 3-20
Sleeping baby J... {she will always be my baby}

16 : 3-21
Why... HELLO there Spring... Wait, what?

17 : 3-22
Driving the Columbia River Gorge: Destination Arlington, OR.

18 : 3-23
Taking a walk through Minto Brown Island Park, my favorite place in Salem.


24 March, 2012

| project life, week two |

Here I am, week .two. of project life
and I LOVE it.
love love love love
I started out the with the 'photo of the day' (for that day) and a quote I felt was both appropriate for the image, and applicable to my mental state last week. (If you built castles in the air, you work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.)
J drew me a lovely picture of two little girls holding hands, a bear, and some mice; naturally I had to include it.*
*this is one of my favorite parts of project life: it makes it so easy for me to save / incorporate the girls' little words and drawings into permanent memory.
I attempted to print my weekly bit of journaling onto a 6 x 6 square of scrapbooking paper: FAIL. Yes, I could've reprinted. I could've even handwritten in the missing parts... But I didn't. Nothing was so exciting (or important) that I felt it had to be documented in writing (it was largely repetitive, when paired with the weekly photos anyway) I have taken a pretty relaxed stance, when it comes to 'mistakes' throughout the project.
In PSE, I made a grid of my favorite Instagram (@sandielle) shots from the week.

I purchased myself some new Nakate necklaces for my birthday; this card was included in the packaging.
Michelle (best friend) wanted to do a St. Patrick's Day / theme shoot. I included some of the shamrock garland and 'gold' left behind. (or more accurately, stolen for the project before she left)
In writing out where Ty was developmentally last week, I was significantly more aware of just how much she had changed over the course of this week. So I did another little 'snapshot' of what is new in her world.
J learned how to write the word .love. With that, I requested she draw me a picture of what / who she loves most: She drew our little family of five, and wrote out our names. (M and W are tough!)
She also had a pretty humorous discussion with her sister about how babies are born...

"We are very good at preparing to live, but not very good at living." I stumbled across that quote on Twitter (@sandi_elle), and it is very... Me. 
Miss Ty modeling a fabulous Bella Bow, and an Instagram shot Matt captured.
For the date range, I simply stamped on some pretty card stock. 

Here are the above pages, side-by-side in their proper layout.

Matt and I on St Patrick's Day + Jagon in the background. I had Matt write out the synopsis of the evening (to spare myself from having to look at more of my handwriting - plus I enjoy his perspective) and some fun detail shots.
The back of the Nakate card, with a quick Instagram pic of my new 'Sandra' necklace.
The LIVE | LAUGH | LOVE card is from the Core Kit-Cobalt Edition, jazzed up with some faux rhinestones.
The remaining three images were all used as part of year .27.
1. I cut and pasted Angela's outtake from our editorial shoot for visual interest.
2. Lucy's incredibly creative concept for their weekend couple's session.

Self portraits and editorial images continued...
C and her new night mask... Glad I was able to sneak her into the layout this week! She is always going so many different directions; it is hard to get in as much face time with her, as I do with the other girls.

Week two. Check.
I am really stoked on how this is starting to come together... AND that I successfully convinced my Mom to start her own project life!

Missed week one? .View it HERE.

22 March, 2012

| wow |

I rarely purchase anything for myself.
Once I stumbled upon this little beauty however, I couldn't .bear. to pass it up
especially since it was on sale
11 : 3-16

Why, hello! MySpace mirror shot; feeling cliche' are we?*
*note blurry husband in the background

He looks at me. I look at myself. We look at the aforementioned image.
Yeah. Seriously Sandi?? WTF face is .that.?
Clearly the best remedy for a photo .fail. is to really go balls-deep into ridiculous.

I had to swear up & down / left & right that this {shot} would NOT end up on any social media site, before Matt would agree to duck-face it up with me.*
*I mentioned after the fact, that I did not consider my blog to fall under the 'social media' category.

What do I love about this? It is the quintessential image of .me.
 Why? Because this is what I look like, the vast majority of the time:
No make-up + tee / tank + boy / booty shorts paired with Matt's over sized (comfy) fleece sweats. 

Really, I have nothing to say about this except .wow.



20 March, 2012

| best friends & babies |

8 : 3-13
I noticed this {gorgeous} window while walking to dinner.

9 : 3-14
My best friend is .stunningly. beautiful, inside AND out.

10 : 3-15
Miss Tyla Whale enjoying her time by the window.


15 March, 2012

| project life |

For year .27. I decided to shoot (at least.one. image, each day...
Now what?
Inspired by Elise, I decided to start .project life.

Since I started on my birthday, this week was a little more in-depth/exciting than normal.
The orange card I chose to start with was from the Core Kit-Cobalt Edition, jazzed up with a quote that I .love. (mem-or-ies: that which is created as present becomes past) with some really terrible cursive*
*I can tell THAT is a skill I haven't used in too many years
Then I included the good morning picture I shot of us four girls, as well as their hand-written HAPPY BIRTHDAY notes. My Mom took me out to brunch, so I included the text/pictures from that adventure (which included a screen capture of my accidentally snapping 12+ shots of us
Since I was gifted three new pairs of shoes, I printed/stapled my Instagram (@sandielle) shots to a generic postcard, sent from our insurance agent.

I included the picture of Jenn and I, from when she took me out for a birthday drink; I wrote over white-out/correction tape to list what I had to eat/drink.
I made a little collage on PSE with the picture Matt took of me (taking a picture of the cake that you see bottom left -ha) and added some fun stickers.
Speaking of Matt, he had sent me a really sweet text the day before, so I had him write it out and slipped it into the pocket next to his silly 'morning after' faces.
I printed a fitting quote about birthday's (a birthday is just another 365-day journey around the sun) that also kind of ties in with this whole photo-a-day business. The fingerprint was a bit random; my finger brushed the ink pad by accident (why did I even have it open??) so I just decided to roll with it. (bad pun)
I journaled a little about my entire birthday-day, and tucked it into its own pocket as well (you can actually see the journaling on both sides).
Seeing as that my US ARMY MEDEVAC Helicopter adventure was the major highlight of the day, I had to include a picture of me in the cockpit as well as one of Jason (who made it all possible). Jason (fabulous father /  firefighter /  flight medic) is the epitome of .hero.

This page is mostly comprised of my year .27.  | daily photos, save the iPhone shot of Miss Ty on my bed. I wrote out a few little words about where she is at developmentally right now, and slid it in.

Here are the above pages, side-by-side in their proper layout.

I used one of the core 'week start' cards, and stamped it with the respective date range. The hearts were already printed on, but they looked so.... there. SO! I decided to trace them with my MAC glitter liner (much better).
My Mom's new haircut, her handsome dog Fergus, and a glimpse of Salem's traumatic wind storm, all made it into the book. The send-a-smooch 'behind-the-scenes' shot of the girls, I just love. It simply radiates their little personalities. I whipped out some obscenely pink WET-n-WILD lipstick for the 'smooch.'
I used another core card, and stapled on three more Instagram shots; two are from our Portland City Grill date, the third shows just how small a king sized bed can get (what with a small child, bebe whale, and man-dog occupying).

A few more 'smooch' outtakes; Matt carrying me up the hill (I didn't want to get my new TOMS all muddy) and us acting out a concept/pose I had envisioned. Whilst C wasn't supposed to include our faces in the shot, she actually captured a rare (albeit tragic) moment of honesty amongst us as individuals... They say a picture is worth 1,000 words and this single image revealed more about the state of our marriage, than either of us was willing to honestly admit to ourselves (or each other). I scrawled what I felt to be an appropriate quote, over the top in silver Sharpie.
C was allowed to bring a friend to cheer on Monday, and she very graciously invited her sister. J was so excited to 'fly' and I am thrilled that they sent her home with a picture to document the experience.
I felt like I should really include more text (words of my own even -ha) so I did a little day-by-day breakdown... Nothing terribly exciting, just a recap of events.

There we have it! Week .one. of my twenty-seventh year! I am really loving this project so far, and can't wait to see how it evolves over the next twelve months. I really cannot stand my handwriting, so that has been difficult to adjust to (seeing so much of it) but I suppose I'll manage. Maybe after I am gone, my kids/future grand kids will be grateful to see it vs. computer type. Or, maybe not.

Ps. If you are at all involved in my life, be prepared to contribute! Be it words, pictures, scrap paper, whatever... I expect everyone I hold dear, to make some sort of appearance <3

13 March, 2012

| city lights & smooches |

4 : 3-9
Matty took me to Portland City Grill for a belated birthday dinner. Since the Navi was too tall for the US Bancorp Tower, we had to park in a garage across the street.
This view, was totally worth it.
(thirteen stories up) 

5 : 3-10
(dog-sitting for my momma)

6 : 3-11
An outtake from my recent Send-A-Smoochshoot.
*Smooches = Love | Their LIPS. HEARTS, and XOXO pillows are absolutely fabulous. Superior craftsmanship and quality fabrics, whilst still being positively unique.

7 : 3-12
"For what is it to die, but to stand in the sun and melt into the .wind.?" 
-Kahlil Gibran


12 March, 2012

"I feel like I am the 99% talking to the 1%"

3 : 3-8

Last Thursday, Miss Krystle asked me to photograph a van for her.
It was for sale on craigslist, but without any images. The owner stated that he was unable to provide any, but suggested she come by to check it out. Seeing as she is in Portland (and I am easily bribed with cake pops) the task was relegated to me.

This is Dave.
He was extremely polite as he talked-up his van. He even took an interest in my camera, admitting that he used to shoot with a Canon 35mm.*
*The Canon 35mm is also for sale on CL.
"Poor people don't have hobbies. My hobby is to not be so poor."
We wrapped up our time together and said farewell. Being the gentleman that he is, he walked me over to my car.
"Oh. A Navigator... I feel like I am the 99% talking to the 1%." 
I was absolutely .stunned. by his comment. Completely caught off guard, I hastily replied, "I am definitely NOT the 99%"
Really Sandi? What's that they say about thinking before you speak?
Very softly Dave replies, "You don't want to be the 1%."
My head, spinning from embarrassment I mumble back, "I meant to say I am not the 1%... I am the 99%..." But the damage is done. The conversation is over and his entire demeanor has changed:
"You do know where you are, don't you? You're in felony flats. As I am sure you have noticed, we're very uh... 'protected' around here (referencing to the fact Salem PD had rolled through that block at least 3x in the 30 minutes we stood talking) so you best be leaving and don't speed."

Thankfully, I had asked to take his picture prior to our little communication breakdown.
I am using it for year .27. (day three

10 March, 2012

year .27. | photo-a-day

In 2009 I shot 'Project 365'
I took (at least) .one. picture everyday, for an entire year: January 1st-December 31st.
Trust me: It is a lot harder than it sounds
That year was a rough year. Rough.
P 3 6 5 gave me focus; a reason to keep shooting...
It also helped me to become a better photographer: It allowed me to look at everything as a potential 'subject.'
I attempted another (modified) photo-a-day project in 2010.
I failed.
I was working / going to school full time + two kids + investing in my new found relationship. My heart simply wasn't in it, and the project became a chore. At that time, it was better to simply set it  f r e e.

I knew that at some point however, I would want to try again. (which is why I put it on my 30 | 30 list)
Here I am, two years later, ready to give it a go. JAN-DEC is so played out. (read: boring)
My year does not simply 'start anew' on 1/1.

MARCH the SIXTH is the day that I became of this body. March the sixth of two-thousand and twelve is the date that I have chosen, to mark the birth of a new life: My own life, and living it the way that I want to.*
*not how others feel that I should

It seems fitting to document this period of growth, the collective changes that are bound to take place in Year .27.
As I have recently struggled to keep my soul inspired, I feel that this is an appropriately timed undertaking.

1 : 3-6
(happy birthday to me)

2 : 3-7
The FORD Raptor SVT
I .love. this truck
There are a lot of really good memories associated with it.

09 March, 2012

| my soul is in the sky |

I .love. helicopters
well everything 'flight,' really...
I should have been a pilot
On my birthday, I had the rare (read: incredible) opportunity to go and check out the US ARMY MEDEVAC helicopters...


...and (of course) a .huge. THANK YOU to my dear friend Jason, for making it happen!
.: it made for one .fabulous. birthday adventure :.

08 March, 2012

.: Sweet Baby K :.

There comes a point, when babies are simply .done.
(but he was still so precious, even while crying)