28 July, 2012

| cat + mouse |

my heart is heavy... i miss home

"...softly we tremble tonight : picture perfect fading smiles, are all that's left in sight.
i said i would never leave; you'll never change
- i am  not satisfied with where i am at in life -
am i supposed to be happy?
with all I ever wanted, it comes with a price."

26 July, 2012

july : currently

inspired by elise

grateful for my time spent with The Schilling Family

loving the secret bathroom I discovered in / at clockworks cafe

determined to do at least 20 push-ups and 50 sit-ups .every. day

feeling overwhelmed with all that is on my plate right now

eating fresh, grilled chicken salads by the bowlful

asking that clients simply pay for their session (as they should)

happy to be wearing shorts and a tank top

entertaining a new hair color / style

looking forward to spending a month with my brother 

re-realizing that my to-do list will never truly be "caught up"

accepting that & celebrating all the good

turning digital .jpgs into something .real. and tangible

booking shoots with discretion

finishing my summer spanish term | number 1 of 2

taking a photo a day

embracing every second of these lively, youthful children

22 July, 2012

| like clockwork |

graciously allowed me to (once again) hang some of my photography

I am also putting together a second piece to hang; it should go up sometime next week, I would imagine.
Additionally, they had me come in and shoot one afternoon...
{ these are a few of my favorites }

when matt saw this, he said:
"wow you actually made Salem look kinda cool"

hands down, one of .the. raddest bathrooms I have ever been in

This is one of their meeting rooms -
Obviously a completely different vibe than the consumer area.
It was strangely difficult to photograph an (almost) empty room.... and make it look at least pseudo interesting.
what do you think??? 

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21 July, 2012

...and I dance, dance, dance

30 | 30
dance with my husband

Seems silly, right?
Not really.
See, our first date was in / at a (haunted) corn field. We married on the Maui shoreline. Our reception.... Never happened.

(maybe some twirling - but that doesn't count)
...and well,
we need to D A N C E

7 | 14
Aaron & Sarah's Wedding
(see above photobooth images)
Generally, I hate attending weddings. Shooting them is one thing, but being a guest?
(once you've seen one, you've seen them all)
However while reading the invitation, the line "dinner and dancing to follow" struck me -
This is our .chance.

I have no idea what song it was - some random "oldie" that sounded vaguely familiar but I couldn't place.
We largely did the 'awkward middle school slow-dance'... Except it wasn't awkward. We were laughing and giggling the whole time, and it was actually pretty fun.

I wish someone had taken a picture.
maybe I'll get lucky and a random candid will surface

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